PFR ecochallenge

In recognition of the need to promote conservation, we have a new award, given to the team that gets the best time from the least fuel. This award is open to national and regional teams, based on their total scores from Saturday's stages, multiplied by the amount of fuel they consume. This will reward teams who manage their resources the most responsibly while still having great fun behind the wheel.

Teams who wish to register for the eco challenge may sign up at registration, at no cost. These teams must start and finish Saturday's competition with a full tank. At the start of Saturday, once the tank is filled, a seal will be affixed to the fuel filler. At each refueling stop, and at the final MTC, the seal will be inspected, then broken to refuel, and a new seal affixed. The team's fuel cans will be weighed before and after the refueling, and this weight will be recorded as a measure of the fuel added. The fuel zone marshals will be judges of fact for verifying the seals and weight of fuel added, and verifying that the tank is full at the finish.
The winner of the eco challenge will be announced during the post event banquet.
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